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A wedding is sanctimonious occasion and picking the right entertainment for your reception is always hard decision.

At TGIF Entertainment located in the tri-state area, we offer the most versatile and talented MC’s and DJ’s to optimize your wedding reception to the full extent. From Big Bands to Top 40 from Reggae to Rock our DJ’s are influenced by many different genres of music. Our MC’s will ensure that your guests are motivated to their feet and encouraged to stay there.

TGIF Wedding DJ’s is Long Islands best DJ service, when it comes to your wedding you want the best, you deserve the best. Pick TGIF Entertainment.

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Sweet Sixteens

There are always Birthdays that stand out amongst the rest. A Sweet sixteen is a pivotal and monumental occasion in a young women’s life.

At TGIF DJ’s our DJ’s are incomparable to most. With cutting edge music to excite her friends and slow songs to inspire those moments that will never be forgotten. We supply the lighting, lounge décor, plasma TV’s, decorations, MC’s and DJ’s to achieve the image that was desired.

There are plenty of Entertainment companies in the Tri-State Area, we are the best there is and we love to enhance your sweet sixteen to unimagined lengths.

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Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

There comes a point in every child’s life when they attain the title of man or women.

With TGIF Entertainment our talented DJ’s heighten your party to indescribable lengths. We supply the lighting, decorations, and have the most articulate and knowledgeable MC’s, DJ’s, and Dancers the Tri-State has ever seen. Each Bar/Bat Mitzvah is personally customized to achieve the overall setting that was envisioned.

TGIF DJ’s have made Bar/Bat Mitzvahs the intense celebration they were initially intended to be. Choose TGIF DJ’s, Long Islands Best Entertainment service.

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Corporate Events

Team Building events between workers strengthen bonds and more than likely to reward you with increased productivity and sales.

TGIF Entertainment has the knowledge and equipment to supply any corporate event party with the desired atmosphere. Our DJ’s are meant to shock and awe you with their professional and talented skill.

With TGIF DJ’s we always find a way to liven your party, and make sure your employees are having a fun time.

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Party Rentals

Every Event Is A Big Event at TGIF Party Rentals. Whether it is the Academy Awards or backyard wedding celebration, TGIF Party Rentals is focused on providing everything you need, anywhere you need it. As the nation’s leading full-service event Rental Company, we’ve got you covered from tent top to tabletop. With a nationwide network of party specialists, there’s no place we can’t be. And no event is too large or small for us to help make it a success.

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Lounge Furniture & Lighting

With every party that is thrown comfortable seating is always an important factor.

TGIF Entertainment has a wide variety of comfortable seating for indoor and outdoor events. With such a wide selection of couches and tables we can bring the exact atmosphere desired to a party. There is a wide selection of illuminated furniture for your enjoyment that will liven up the environment.

With TGIF entertainment every little detail of a party is taken into extreme consideration. We never let down our clients that are why we maintain being the best in the business.

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Specialty Rentals

Checkout our sister company TGIF Rentals to bring your next even to life. At TGIF Rentals, our mission is to assist you in enhancing your style and vision. Our passion is visible during every step of the planning process. We understand that your event should be an expression of who you are, and we specialize in making it a reality.

From the smallest of details to your furniture choices, TGIF Rentals will guide you until the very end of your event.

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Photo Booth Rentals

Here is your big chance at :15 seconds of fame. The first interactive booth of its kind. Guests enter the booth and choose their “Virtual” experience. The photographer has them “Strike various poses” as paparazzi style Flashbulbs go off capturing the moment. Each guest receives a printout of their photo shoot. Super studio adds additional themed experiences such as travel, custom step and repeats and more. Regular and Celebrity virtual photographers.